Our Story

We are a family from San Francisco who discovered the magic of Nevada City in the summer of 2013, and instantly found ourselves entranced in the amazing vibe of this special town, rumored to be built above 6 miles of un-mined gold and quartz. Although the Goldtown Hideaway is nestled in the serenity of a breathtaking private setting on one of the town’s favorite streets, we typically start our day with a 5-minute walk for a hand-crafted coffee at the famous Curly Wolf Café or the new Foxhound Café on Spring Street, or one of several other popular breakfast spots such as Ike’s Quarter Café, South Pine, or an incredibly delicious açaí bowl at Nourish. If it’s a Saturday morning in the summer months, the Farmers Market is our favorite way to immerse ourselves into Nevada City’s locale. We bask in the majestic beauty of the Yuba River just 6 miles from our front door, or stay local hiking and biking the Deer Creek Tribute Trail. Afternoons are spent strolling around downtown’s many eclectic antique and vintage shops such as KitKitDizzy and Enid & Edgar, followed by pizza and a beer at Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co, whose delicious ingredients are sourced from local organic farms. We love to frequent Szabo Vineyard’s Wine Bar on Broad Street and we also enjoy Elixart’s specialty teas and kava. We regularly spend the evenings dining at New Moon, Friar Tuck’s, Matteo’s Public, Sopa Thai, Bistro 221, or casual late-night street tacos at Fatbelly’s pop-up after a show. As many Bay Area aficionados will agree, it’s not always easy to find a town fit for foodies but Nevada City does not disappoint, particularly with the excitement surrounding our new award-winning cheesemaker at Wheyward Girl Creamery, the artisan cocktails at the Town’s new local watering hole The Golden Era, and also the buzz surrounding the opening of Los Mineros Taqueria. As with our newfound affection for this wonderful town, our parents recently followed in our footsteps, opening The Madison House Bed and Breakfast on Broad Street in September of 2014.